Thursday, March 12, 2009

Lazy times…

February is a notoriously slow month, and March promises not much better for my business, which is selling rice wine for those who don’t know me. You can refer to my profile where there is a link to the “real” Flying Dusun website with plenty of information on Sabah, its people, history and culture, the places of interest and of course on lihing: Sabah’s very own rice wine, the Dusun’s preferred party drink.

However, the Dusun have spent their money in December and January, now they are saving up for Ka’amatan – our rice harvest festival – which obviously cannot go without lihing. Worse, at the moment I cannot get any pulut – glutinous rice – which I need to brew lihing. At the moment it is not a problem, we have plenty of stock, but I don’t want to fall into a production hole. Anyhow, we have plenty of time and repaired the chicken coop where we now got 20 happy chicks, and planted some vegetables in what passes for a “garden” here, behind my house. And Jeffri made “wooden” garden furniture from concrete. So to speak a concrete project. Of course we also have plenty of time to make frequent use of my new kitchen and eat very well.

Furniture in the making:

Yes, that’s popular here, and now that Jeffri made them I don’t even find them so tacky any more, how curious. They are for sales. A set (1 table and 6 chairs) as you see in the pictures is priced at RM988 – call Jeffri directly for enquiries: 0135507161.

The finished product and a close-up:

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